Augmented Reality

Enrich your perception.

Augmented Reality provides a view of a real-world physical environment integrated through an informative layer which enables a better and more effective management and understanding of all situations and related activities


Operating And Maintenance Manuals
Operating and maintenance manuals based on augmented reality lower human errors, shortens time of execution, reduce costs of intervention and of operators’ training

Training Of Assembly Line And Maintenance Operators
Augmented Reality supports assembly line and maintenance operators providing them punctual visual instructions on correct procedures according to productions protocols thus lowering human errors, shortening time of execution, reducing costs of intervention

Advanced Pre-Visualization Tools
Augmented Reality supports operators when using big dimensions working machines / vehicles by providing information on possible / not possible trajectories of the mobile parts of the vehicles (e.g. the boom of a digger, crane motions, etc.)

Marketing And Promotion Activities
Customers can virtually check, customize and set-up all the available options of final products


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